Botanical Paintings by Karen Winters

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All of these paintings are for sale unless marked SOLD. Sizes are in inches, not feet. For example 9 x 12 means 9 inches by 12 inches.
See more floral paintings under still life For information write: We accept PayPal, all major credit cards and personal checks. They are sold unframed but we can arrange framing if you like. Custom painting on commission and gallery inquiries are welcome.

David Austin Roses
12 x 16 inches, oil

Standing Tall Lavender orchid and white iris bouquet botanical
Standing Tall
Orchid and white irises
16 x 12 inches oil painting

White Lilies oil painting
Lilies of the Field
White Easter lilies
12 x 16 oil painting

Walking on Sunshine
AARS selection
6 x 11.5 inch oil painting

Iceberg white roses in garden oil painting
Iceberg White Roses
16 x 20 oil painting

Pink Magnolia Tulip Tree Botanical Flower Oil Painting
Pink Magnolia
16 x 20 inch oil painting
Matilija Poppies Fried Egg Plant White Flower California Native Plant Oil Painting
Matilija Poppies
11 x 14 inch oil painting
White Cactus Flowers Cereus Peruvianus Blooming Column Cactus Oil Painting
White Cactus Flowers
16 x 20 oil painting
on canvas
Pansy miniature oil painting
Pansy Miniature
5 x 7 inch oil painting
Roses and tulips bouquet still life oil painting white rose pink tulip art impressionist for sale contemporary impressionist
Roses and Tulips
9 x 12 inches, oil
  Two Peach Roses oil painting
Two Peach Roses
10 x 8 inches
oil painting
Red Roses Miniature
Red Roses Mini
6 x 6 inches oil painting

Roses and Hollyhocks
6 x 8 inches acrylic painting
pink strip camellia oil painting
Pink striped camellia
9 x 12 oil painting

Red Tulilp
11 x 15 watercolor
white conefolower echinacea
White Coneflowers

"Full Blown" (Camellia)
7 x 11 inches

Capistrano hollyhock flowers painting
Capistrano Hollyhocks
12 x 9 oil painting

Yellow Rose Pastel
climbing pink rose huntington gardens oil painting 5 x 7 inches
Climbing Rose
5 x 7 inches
oil painting

pink waterlilies lotus flower oil painting
Pink waterlilies
9 x 12 oil painting

Sally Holmes White Roses Oil Painting
Sally Holmes Roses
9 x 12 oil painting
Lemon Trio Oil painting
Lemon Trio
6 x 6 oil painting
Purple and white irises oil painting
Purple and white irises
8 x 8 oil painting
Sunday Sunshine Sunflower and Crystal watercolor painting
Sunday Sunshine
6 x 6" watercolor painting

Twin Oranges
orange quartet oil painting
Orange Quartet
6 x 6 oil painting

Tulip Magnolia watercolor painting
Tulip Magnolia

peony watercolor painting
11 x 14 watercolor
White Magnolias Botanical Painting Huntington Gardens
White Magnolias
16 x 20 oil painting
Solo Sunflower
8 x 10 study
Yellow Rose Oil Painting by Karen Winters
Yellow Rose "Mary Frances"
12 x 16 oil on canvas
Peace Rose Oil Painting
Peace Rose
8 x 10 oil

Purple Iris

Descanso Camellia
11 x 15 watercolor
White Roses Impressionist Oil Painting Miniature 6 x 8 study
White Roses Study
6 x 8 inches
oil painting on panel
radiant roses Descanso Gardens rosarium roses
Radiant Roses
pink orange and yellow roses
14 x 18 oil painting
Huntington Roses - Class Act Floribunda flowers 16 x 20
Class Act - Floribunda Roses
Huntington Gardens
16 x 20 oil
Magnolia Glow Tulip Tree Magnolia watercolor painting
Magnolia Glow
7 x 11 inches
blackberries oil painting
5 x 7 inches
oil painting
Hot canna flowers
Hot Cannas
11 x 15 watercolor
Yellow Rose miniature oil painting
Yellow Rose
6 x 6 inches
oil painting
clivia lily kafir lily painting
Clivia lily
8 x 10 oil painting