My foot - some variations 7/15/05
© 2005 Karen Winters

Drawn with brush pen in a plain old black Canson field sketchbook.
Walnut ink and dip pen on 140# index card stock

EDM CHALLENGE #23 - Draw your foot.
This is finally proof that my left foot doesn't know what my right foot is doing.
I like the way the left one turned out better than my right, but I had fun and learned something from both of them which is the point, right? I prefer the brush pen because it's so easy to just swoosh the dark line with the waterbrush and create an instant shadow, but the brush pen is harder to control. Because the tip is just a collection of hairs, there's no resistance with the paper and it's difficult to stop mid-line and decide where to make the next mark. And it puddles if you go too slowly.

What I learned with the dip pen (A speedball B-6 nib): The whole foot was drawn with about 4-5 dips of the pen. First I drew the contours and then, as the nib ran out of ink and got fainter, I tried to do some shading. (Those lines are NOT hairs on my leg, they're shading, ok?) The problem was, as I was doing finer lines and had to redip, suddenly I had a big, thick, horsey line ... so it took some experimentation. What I like about the dip pen is that it gives a variety of line widths and darknesses with one pen, instead of having to grab five different Microns. I am clueless about using curved crosshatching for shading - time for looking at some of the old masters.